In Liratzakis Company, proving in practice our high sense of environmental awareness, we are in a constant process of change and adaptation with the integral goal of promoting and achieving sustainable development.

Respecting the natural production of resources, we have adopted sustainable production and consumption standards with the view to the rational use of raw materials and energy as well as the minimization of environmental pollution.

At the same time, we promote social well-being and improving the quality of life, developing innovative products and services, creating productive jobs and investing in values such as health, safety, equality and unity.

Starting from our own home, we build on our principles with conviction and persistence, minimizing our environmental footprint on a daily basis and claiming the passport for green development.

of energy comes from renewable resources
of raw materials are compostable

Our factory emissions are
15 times
times below the law limit

Our building facilities is top energy-efficient

All of our mechanical equipment is low in energy consumption and pollution
Disposal of 100%
biodegradable materials

Recycle &
0% usage
of single-use plastic

Up to 50% reduction of waste volume thanks to our unique production system
All of our cars are fully electric
Mediterranean diet

Humanitarian response

Modernization and digitization of all organization and production functions

Commited to the environment