For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing thermoplastic and salpa counters of top quality and excellent processing.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the constructive cooperation with our suppliers and customers, we provide the best range of counters of top raw materials specifically for each type of shoe: from casual men’s and women’s, sneakers, loafers, sports shoes, ballerinas to classic men’s and women’s, oxford, heels and women’s boots.

The best raw materials, made mainly of natural materials such as cotton and latex, give the shoe shape durability over time and make our counters extremely flexible and easy to use in the production process.

Using state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, we achieve precise cutting, flawless skiving and finishing that make the counter invisible on the shoe body and molding that gives perfect shape to the final product with duration over the time.

Thus, we can ship worldwide perfectly skived and molded counters in any model and molding height you desire.

See below our main categories.

Counter Categories

Thermoplastic Counters

This is the top category of counters, which is widely used, as it combines adaptability with recovery and gives perfect form and comfort to the shoe.

Salpa Counters

This is a special category of materials, mainly made of leather fibers and latex as a binder. Its composition approaches the quality and performance of genuine leather, giving a perfect recovery, breathability due to natural materials and durability in the form of the shoe.

More Product Categories

Drawing of toe puff in a shoe

Drawing of counter and a toe puff in a shoe